He preaches the chromaic gospel of the Mechanimists. Precious saliva flies from his cracked lips, but he's too rapt in the music of his words to notice.

A Mechanimist disciple who enjoys wandering around and yelling for donations to the Sacred Well in the Cathedral. They are found in The Stiltgrounds and one can be seen preaching and walking in Joppa.

Talking to the one in Joppa will give you the quest "O Glorious Shekhinah!" which requires you to travel to The Six Day Stilt.

Argyve has a tendency to kill the Zealot on sight, so Joppa may suddenly seem much quieter.


The zealot yells,

  • Make an offering at the Argent Well! Pay homage to your Fathers!
  • The Machine commands that you exorcise robots and bring their sacred husks here!
  • Piety compels you to deliver your sacred relics to the priests in the cathedral! Cleanse them of your filth!
  • Cast down your artifacts! You are not worthy of their make!
  • Look to the north! Journey to the Six Day Stilt and pay homage to your saviors!