Kyakukya yurl
Yurl, a sentient cucumber vine, puts its root down in a squat clay pot on the floor of its hut. Myriad wares rest on oaken shelves throughout the room, and with its tendrils Yurl exhibits them to interested customers by crawling along an iron trllis. You notice that Yurl creeps toward products almost before you think of them; the gift of telepathy affords the sprightly vine a distinct advantage as a chandler.








Clay pot

Yurl is the main trader in Kyakukya. He is found in the northwest part of town inside the fenced off area.


Try not to lead any hostile enemies back to the town near Yurl. This can lead to him summoning various plantlife around town. This causes a mess of things and can turn villagers against each other.

On the other hand, this can be beneficial. If Mayor Nuntu dies, he will drop the Corpus Choliys, saving you the water required to purchase it. If Svenlainard dies, you gain access to both Polluxus and Caslainard, as well as his other items.

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