Witchwood Bark
Food - yellow








Heals 1d16+24, Can confuse

"A flake of witchwood bark; the inside shimmers with a silvery light, and smells faintly of myrrh."

Witchwood bark is a consumable that can be harvested from a Witchwood Tree. Though it is a food item, it provides little to no satiation, but can still cause sickness if you eat it while bloated.

Its main use is as a healing item. Eating a witchwood bark heals you, but has a chance of inflicting the Confused status effect. Since eating the bark heals player instantly, and it is possible to consume more than one in a single turn, it can allow player to completely refill their health in a single turn without the hazards of using tonics. However, being Poisoned greatly reduces the healing gained from eating witchwood bark.

Having high Willpower decreases the chances of being inflicted with confusion. Test results indicate that a character with 18 Willpower has a slightly more than 1-in-3 chance of suffering confusion as a result of eating witchwood bark; this chance scales down to roughly a 1-in-5 chance at 22 Willpower, until a big drop at 24 Willpower or above, where the chance of becoming Confused as a result of eating witchwood bark becomes either zero or close to zero (with a sample size of 50 bark eaten at each Willpower value).