Description Edit

You fly.

You travel over land at 2x speed

40% reduced chance of becoming lost

While outside, you may fly (you cannot be hit in melee by grounded creatures while flying)

5% chance of falling clumsily to the ground

Cannot wear anything on back

Advantages Edit

  • Very useful when surrounded by tough enemies because it allows you to fast travel to the world map despite hostiles
  • You can take advantage of not being hit by melee attacks by attacking equimaxes, by using ranged weapons or flaming/freezing hands to grind experience with somewhat safe methods
  • At later levels, you have a minuscule chance of falling to the ground and a higher chance of not becoming lost (decreases getting lost chance at intervals of 4% and 1% decrease each level of falling clumsily to the ground)
  • +.5 increase to flying speed each level
  • Land-bound creatures will have a lot of trouble seeing you when you're flying

Disadvantages Edit

  • While underground, you cannot fly at all
  • Prevents you from wearing useful back items like the Ape Fur Cloak, Nylon Bodypack, or Flamethrower.
  • At low character levels, flying can be deceptively dangerous in some areas, as some flying monsters are unexpectedly tough in melee
  • Note that most of the benefits of a low-leveled Wings mutation can be obtained by wearing Mechanical Wings; therefore, you might be better off seeking those out instead, spending your mutation points elsewhere and leaving your back free when not using your wings.

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