Wild-Eyed Watervine Merchant
As you approach this still figure you catch sight of his coat, sown[sic] from frayed, varicolored patches. This man is filthy and wild-eyed. His mouth twists into a delirious grin when he notices you; judging by that aspect of glee and eagerness, he seems to believe that he alone is privy to some cardinal knowledge, which will surely enlighten you once he deigns to share it.








Patchwork Coat, Walking Stick, Leather Moccasins

This neutral NPC is found during the quest Raising Indrix. He sells canteens of blood, and various dismembered goatfolk and pygmy body parts. He always appears on the last screen before reaching Mamon himself.


You! Are you come to attend his waking dream? Nor do I have cloven hooves, but, yes, a cloven mind

1) Who are you?

Who am I? Who are you? What does it matter? You and I are nothing, the most insignificant afterthoughts of an amaranthine shade.

2) What are you talking about?

The amaranthine dream! The heights within ourselves we might yet reach with his guidance. There it is in all of us -- shades of our elder selves. Within each man, a goat. Within each goat, a man!

3) I must talk with the shaman Mamon Souldrinker.

You don't talk with that mangoat -- you listen to him.

4) I must go. [End]

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