This quest can be obtained from Argyve in Joppa once you have completed Fetch Argyve Another Knickknack!

Quest SummaryEdit


Find 200 feet of copper wire.Edit

Search the Rust Wells' east of Joppa , for 200 total feet of Copper Wire.

Return to ArgyveEdit

Deliver 200 feet of Copper Wire to Argyve .


There is a set of three Rust Wells east of Joppa, they are displayed as dark red circles. Head off to them. There may or may not be wire on the surface, but there will always be wire inside. Collect 200 feet of wire in total and return it to Argyve in Joppa.

You may also find one or more sets of wire on Argyve's Apprentice in the Watervine Marsh.

Note Edit

It is not required to search the caverns at all the Rust Wells to find the total amount of Copper Wire. You can just scan the surface at all 3 locations and most likely have enough wire however it is good experience to search the caverns and kill the monsters in the Rust Wells.

Quest DialogEdit


Talk to Argyve . He can be found in the southwestern building in Joppa.

Argyve: "Good, good. Quite impressive, treasure hunter. Maybe you're fit to
poke around my workshop here. I've been wanting another apprentice. So
unfortunate what happened to Skref, what with the disembowelment and all.
Take a seat, there.

Player: 1) Alright.

Argyve: "Now, let me explain. I'm on the cusp of a grand discovery. When I'm
done assembling the Weirdwire Conduit, you'll be able to speak to anyone from
here to Caiafas! First, though, I'm going to need some copper wire. As much
as you can find -- at least two hundred feet. You should be able to scavenge
enough from the rust wells and nearby caves.

Player: 1) "As you say. I'll go fetch the wire." [Accept Quest]


Argyve: "The wire! Give it to me!"

Player: 1) "Okay."

Argyve: "Yes, yes! Wire! Beautiful wire! Oh, before I forget or cease to care, I repaired an old recoiler for you. Use it whenever you wish to return to Joppa quickly. Now give me a few minutes alone to attach the wire.

Player: 1) "I will return." [Complete Quest]



Recieve Item: Joppa Recoiler

New Quest available: A Canticle for Barathrum

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