"A wax-weeping fungus has encased the appendage in a lucent cast. Body heat melts the innermost layer, and a thick, waxy milk sloshes against its hardened prison."Waxflab is an ailment that is afflicted to the player character, NPCs, and enemies through spores released from the original mushroom or a host. When you have been infected with , the input box will display the message "Your skin itches". Within an ingame week a part of your body will be fully infected with waxflab, providing bonuses depending on which part of the body has been infected.

Hands slots : cudgel weapon, with a strength bonus cap of 4?.

Other slots : 1-6 AV (2 on back, 6 on torso, 3 on feet), up to -12 DV penalty (-4 on back, -12 on torso, -3 on feet).

The infection also provide -5 Heat Resist, +10 Electrical Resist, -2 Quickness, +200 reputation with Fungi and -200 reputation with Consortium of Phyta (per slot infected). Each infected part of the player's body has a [Empty] slot that fills up Molten Wax over time and spills to the ground when you are moving with a chance of burning whoever gets in the wax if heat resist is low. Wax in the flab can be drunk or poured off, as usual.

Waxflab is contracted from brooding azurepuff and brooding goldpuff. It may be also contracted from infected enemies (having the name "friend to fungi").

Waxflab parts can't be removed without the proper cure.


The treatment regimen for all fungal infections is the same, which is found in Corpus Choliys.  

Note that parts of the cure is changed each playthrough, but the way it is made stays the same. You are always required to have a gel (made from adding desalination pellet in slime) mixed with randomly chosen liquid in a portion of 1:1 and a spray bottle for applying the mixture. After that is done, you first must consume a corpse of a randomly chosen creature and within two hours from that, apply one dram of the curing mixture to the infected area. 

Spray bottles can be found in the bazaar at Six Day Silt.  

When you first receive the itching skin notification submerging yourself in honey and drinking honey might also cure the disease before it breaks out.  </p>