Warden Indrix, Goatfolk Pariah
Kyakukya Warden Indrix
Beneath a mane of course hair, Warden Indrix's lips move without issuing forth any sound, perhaps in the formation of a litany invoked in the name of the vengeful god he serves. The course hair grows in an uninterripted mass down his torso, that of a human but broader and more taut with muscle than any man's, disappearing only behind the sash of his kily. But for Mayor Nuntu and the warden himself, no one knows the circumstances of Indrix's estrangement from his kin, for no one dares mention it lest they draw the warden's ire. One of his great curling horns has been cleanly cloved from his head, however. That same horn along with several others hang from a belt slung low about Indrix's hips, giving him the distinction of being the only warrior to bear his own appendage as a trophy.








Wool Kilt, massive horns, Grassy Yurtmat, Fullerite Two-Handed Axe

Warden Indrix is the warden of Kyakukya . He gives the quest Raising Indrix.

The Warden wanders around, but you can usually find him in the middle of the village to the west of the copse of trees. He is also found skulking about the north eastern section of Yurl's farm as shown in the picture.

If asked about why he is a pariah, he will warn you against asking and become hostile if asked again. As he is level 30 and quite heavily armed for when he can be first met, this is often a fatal course of action.

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