So I've been thinking of making some big changes to the whole monsters category ever since the implemention of factions. Which is to basically stop categorizing enemies and characters into those bug/horror/humanoid thigns and instead into their own respective factions. Just to make it more clear for people who are seeking to find out what factions some creatures are part of, which isn't always easy to tell.

Benefits from this would be of course help people plan their faction allegience if they have some difficulty certain type of enemies, like twinning lamprey. Of course we will need to add the base demeanor of some monsters too such as the rhinox.

This will probably be one of the bigger projects as there is already a lot of different creatures in the wiki and all of those need to be edited and probably updated too, as is the case with the twinning lamprey page as poor pages like that still exists around the wiki.

So there is some sort of goal for people editing or looking to start editing this wiki.

Happy editing!

Mehukannu (talk) 19:02, March 17, 2016 (UTC)Mehukannu

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