So this time I changed the outlook pretty radically from what it was before.

I took a new background photo by taking off the scanlines and green tint to increase the quality just a little bit and then made the image bit wider so that the division line wouldn't be there anymore to ruin the increased transparency.

Other things I did is put the graphic wordmark which I pretty much took from the steam store page as it was the only one that would really fit, but also the reason I decided to change the background colours to match up with it a lot better. Overall, I am happy with this change.

Now the last thing I changed was the favicon which I took from the CoQ game exe image. I tried ray cat first, but it just didn't fit very well and I feel like it is better to have something familiar that people who have played the game (steam version) will recognize. Needless to say, it fits perfectly.

Any feedback from the current look is welcome or if someone has better ideas how the wiki should look, don't hesitate to share with me.

Mehukannu (talk) 03:36, February 19, 2016 (UTC)Mehukannu

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