Two-headed is a physical mutation that reduces the time it takes to use mental actions and grants additional head and face slots.

Description Edit

Mental actions cost 20% less energy.

Small chance each round to shake off a negative mental status effect.

Lvl Energy cost reduction
1 20%
2 24%
3 28%
4 32%
5 36%
6 40%
7 44%
8 48%
9 52%
10 56%

Increasing the level of this mutation also grants "Increased chance each round to shake off a negative mental status effect," but how much it starts at and increases per level is unknown.

Advantages Edit

  • Lets you use more mental mutations in a turn
  • Negative mental effects such as fear or confusion have a small chance of being shaken off.
  • Can potentially allow you to survive being beheaded

Disadvantages Edit

  • Less useful if you don't have a lot of mental mutations, though even a Chimera still benefits from its secondary effect
  • Prevents you from picking the Esper Morphotype, which mental mutation focused characters often want.
  • The extra head and face slot doesn't provide any extra protection from head- or facegear (however, secondary effects may function — the mining helmet works in the second head slot, and gas masks and vinewood sap masks appear to)

What Is Energy Edit

Energy is a hidden resource that determines your (and enemies) place in the turn order.

You generate 1000 energy every turn and almost all actions (moving, hitting, using a tonic, throwing a grenade, using mutations) cost you 1000 energy to use unless it is modified by something.

Now two-headed mutation gives you 20% energy reduction at level 1 for mental mutations. That means it will only cost you 800 energy when using any mental mutation, like sunder mind or light manipulation for example. While the enemy still needs to use 1000 energy to act, which then means your turn comes first.

Quickness (QN in game) determines how much energy you accumulate in a turn. With 100(%) quickness you generate 1000 energy and with 110(%) quickness you generate 1100 energy to spend in your turn. Note that waiting consumes all your energy that you accumulate in a turn.