Skill Description Edit

You teleport an adjacent creature to a random nearby location

Cooldown: 105 rounds (-10 per mutation level, to a minimum of ? rounds before applying Willpower.) Cost: 2 mutation points

Advantages Edit

Teleport other allows one to bypass the traditional problems of combat in favor of displacing an enemy. It permits one to instantly gain distance for flight, ranged combat, laying of liquid trap hazards, deployment of other mutations, etc. It can prove quite useful in labyrinths or ruin structures, where moving a combatant a handful of spaces could require them to travel a times the distance to reenter combat.

It can be employed to move neutral entities (even those well beyond the limits of beguilement or domination), allowing one - with some luck - to do things like placing saltbacks in a position where they will receive damage and subsequently assist the player in bringing down a powerful foe, or spreading out the plants produced by burgeoning soil.

Some uses where neutral parties are concerned prove highly contextual, but unique... such as peacefully moving a villager to render containers unwatched by their owner.

Using this ability in tandem with temporal fugue likely has some quite potent applications, but as of now they are not thoroughly explored and documented.

Disadvantages Edit

Teleporting other entities has the unfortunately sizable downside of randomness - the inability to predict exactly where a character will end up can be quite crippling. This can be mitigated with varying success in settings where space is limited, such as backing up to a canyon cliff to restrict teleportation targets to a 180-degree range. However, the luck-based aspect of the skill can only be controlled in very specific environments.

Also, teleporting a foe in this manner is a serial process; unlike teleporting oneself, removing a single enemy will not help much if dealing with a group. Furthermore, an enemy removed from the engagement will often reenter within a dozen rounds, given the openness of most of Qud.

Note that the displacement range is roughly 10-15 spaces at maximum - if one faces a ranged foe, even closing the distance and moving them to a different space will not necessarily help unless the enemy either has poor accuracy or happens to end in a position where cover interferes with their fire.

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