A mask-wearing jungle hunter from the arcology of Ekuemekiyye. Syzgyriors are the elite Ekumian warrior caste, and they specialize in dual-wielding.


Starting EquipmentEdit

Strategy Edit

  • Make sure to buy a chem cell early on, they have the lowest price of all cells and can be used to power your Joppa recoiler.
  • The recoiler you begin with, if powered by an energy cell, will allow you to teleport back to Joppa.
  • Try to get a light that requires no hands to take full advantage of your dual-wielding prowess. A skulk injector can also be just as useful.
  • You start off with great weapons, but a lack of non-combat skills. Invest your skill points into non-combat skills
  • Wear armor with low encumbrance levels to compliment your naturally high AV.

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