Baetyl are friendly, immobile devices found in ruins and dungeons. They are obviously sapient, but cannot move or attack. In fact, even if a Sparking Baetyl has somehow been rendered hostile, it will still cheerfully demand things from the player when spoken to.

Sparking Baetyls are ancient malfunctioning devices. They will make a request of you, and promise a reward. Usually the request is rather difficult to deliver, along the lines of 5 Great Saltback corpses, although it may be something as simple as 6 unused torches. The rewards are always vague, like "A Mighty Weapon."

To give the Baetyl what it asks, drop the item adjacent to the Baetyl and talk to it. It will accept variously modified items as long as they are all the type of item it wants - for instance, a Baetyl that wants six iron short swords will accept any pile of six iron short swords, even if they all have different modifications.

Baetyl Promises... Actual Reward
Blazing Cannon Artifact ranged weapon
Great Reknown ~800 reputation increase with a random faction
Heightened Skill 300 skill points
Enhanced Prowess 1-3 Attribute Points, or 1-3 Mutation points (if already mutated)
Splendid Vestment Some sort of armor
Peculiar Contraption Some sort of artifact


Artifact melee weapon/fullerite weapon

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