Overview Edit

Self Discipline [150 sp]

  • Meditate [0 sp, 0 Wil]
    • During each round in which you meditate, you regenerate at thrice the normal rate. Additionally, each round spent meditating counts as three rounds fro the purposes of counting down the duration of negative status effects. The meditation is broken if you take any action other than 'pass' or you take in a single round an amount of damage which exceeds (Willpower*3)-60.
  • Fasting Way [100 sp, 17 Wil] Ex: Ravenous
    • You hunger and thirst at two-thirds the normal rates.
  • Iron Mind [100 sp, 21 Wil]
    • Each round you are confused, you have a (Willpower-10)% chance to shake off the effect.
  • Lionheart [100 sp, 21 Wil]
    • Each round you are terrified, you have a (Willpower-10)% chance to shake off the effect.
  • Conatus [250 sp, 23 Wil]
    • You may sprint for an additional 10 turns.
  • Mind Over Body [250 sp, 29 Wil]
    • You hunger and thirst at one-sixth the normal rates.

Advantages Edit

  • Resistance to confusion and fear
  • Buffs sprinting, works well with Hurdle to retain your DV while running

Disadvantages Edit

  • Fasting requires more skill points than Harvestry, which can be used to obtain an unlimited source of vinewafer, which is a 0 weight food and water item

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