A mysterious scroll found in the heart of the Rainbow Wood. It chronicles the life of Catu, an Esper.

Gifting it to Sheba Hagadius at the cathedral of the Six Day Stilt will give you 10,000 XP

Summary: Edit

In the writing, he begins with his early life as a slave, his escape to Ettinspine, and his eventual move to 0th. In 0th, he was noticed and tutored by the Free Seer (the ruler of 0th), and rose to prominence in his court. Catu saved the Free Seer's life from an assassin, and was thereafter inducted into the ranks of the assembled mind of the Mirthful (the Free Seer's personal guard of voidcanters).

After months of training, Catu traveled with the Free Seer to negotiate a treaty with the Angler King. During the journey he angered the Free Seer (though the wording is vague as to how). On the journey back to 0th, Catu was Stithened and left to his fate.

Now unable to resist the call of the Elder Chant, Catu was drawn into the dangerous Great Salt Desert, heading Southeast towards Qud. After a dangerous and foreboding journey passing by ruins, the bones of giants, and rusted ships, he arrived in Qud.

Upon arrival, Catu was absorbed into the aggregate mind of the Seekers of the Sightless Way. After some time, somehow (the wording is vague here again) he managed to break free from the mass mind and flee from the Seekers, though the Elder sent his followers to find him and bring him back. The entire chronicle was written during his escape, as he made his way from the River Svy, to Kyakukya, and finally to the Rainbow Woods, apparently seeking Eater's Flesh fungus (for unknown purposes). In the end, he is chased down by a Chosen follower of the Sightless Way, and was presumably killed.


  • The scroll offers some insight into the otherwise enigmatic Seekers of the Sightless Way, and their apparent true mission:  the resurrection of the Elder aka Ptoh.  Whether or not their organization and mission will affect the greater story remains to be seen.  Notable, though, is that the Glow-Wights, followers of the Girsh, are apparently opposed to the Seekers, though it is unclear as to why.

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