Pieces of Scrap, while useless on their own, can be disassembled for Tinkering Bits, which are used to create new objects, like Artifacts.

Types of scrap:

Name Bits ##
Bent Metal Sheet Scrap Metal (x1) C
Bent Surgical Stent Scrap Electronics (x1) D
Blunt Scalpel Scrap Metal (x1) C
Broken Microcontroller Array Pristine Electronics (x1) 4
Burnt Capacitor Scrap Power System (x1) A
Corroded Circuit Board Scrap Electronics (x1), Scrap Metal (x1) DC
Cracked Lense Scrap Crystal (x1) B
Cracked Robotics Housing Pure Alloy (x1) 3
Depleted Stem Generator Nanomaterials (x1) 5
Destroyed Cybernetics Controller Flawless Crystal (x1) 2
Detuned Cortical Regenerator Photonics (x1) 6
Failed Energy Relay Phasic Power Systems (x1) 1
Fractured Crysbone Pure Alloy (x1) 3
Fractured Microchip Scrap Electronics (x1) D
Fried Implant Core Scrap Power Systems (x1) A
Fried Processing Core Flawless Crystal (x1) 2
Powdered Nanohuls Pristine Electronics (x1) 4
Shattered Magnifying Glass Scrap Crystal (x1) B

(List incomplete)

Types of tinkering bits:

  • A | Scrap Power Systems (bright red)
  • B | Scrap Crystals (bright green)
  • C | Scrap Metal (bright blue)
  • D | Scrap Electronics (cyan)
  • 1 | Phasic Power Systems (dark red)
  • 2 | Flawless Crystals (dark green)
  • 3 | Pure Alloys (dark blue)
  • 4 | Pristine Electronics (dark cyan)
  • 5 | Nanomaterials (grey)
  • 6 | Photonics (yellow)
  • 7 | AI Microcontrollers (white)
  • 8 | Metacrystals (magenta)


Scrap can be found lying around on the ground, inside various containers or looted from killed creatures. Destroyed mechanical creatures, such as turrets and robots, might also leave some random scrap behind, in the same manner as other creatures leave corpses.

Traders dealing with technical items, such as Argyve in Joppa, usually have a selection of scrap for sale, as well.

Bits can be obtained by disassembling pieces of scrap or various technological artifacts, such as granades, tonics and firearms. Note that when disassembling something, you are guaranteed to always receive its most valuable bit; you then have a 50% chance of getting each remaining bit.

If you need a specific type of bit, the most reliable sources are as follows:

  • The first four types of bits (Scrap Power Systems, Scrap Crystals, Scrap Metal, and Scrap Electronics) are common. They can be purchased in large amounts from any tinker, such as Argyve.
  • Phasic Power Systems can be gained by deconstructing Power Cells, which are often dropped by defeated robots. In a pinch, Mafeo in Grit Gate will always have a Grit Gate Recoiler for sale with an energy cell in it, although it may be expensive. They can also be deconstructed from several types of injector.
  • Flawless Crystals can be extracted from Muskets, which are cheap and always sold by Tam; Desert Rifles and similar guns have them as well, and are always carried by Goatfolk Yurtwarden in the east and members of the Issachari tribe in the deserts in the west.
  • Pure Alloys can be extracted from recoilers; again, Mafeo in Grit Gate will always sell Grit Gate Recoilers (and the ones that don't come with a power cell are very cheap.)
  • Pristine Electronics can be extracted from high-level guns, such as a Carbine or a Chaingun, but these tend to be expensive; one way to get them is to disarm Chaingun Turrets (although they will only drop them if disarmed, not if killed.)
  • Nanomaterials can be extracted from Sphinx Salt Injectors, which are often sold by Mafeo and similar merchants.
  • You can get a single guaranteed AI Microcontroller from the Small Sphere of Negative Weight found in the Waterlogged Tunnel under Joppa, if you're willing to deconstruct it.
  • Rodanis Y in Grit Gate always wields a Phase Cannon, which can be disassembled to get a Metacrystal. You'll need a way to disarm or kill the robot. Also, it will probably alienate the village for a while, which may delay the main questline.
  • Otherwise, AI Microcontrollers and Metacrystals are far more difficult to obtain and can only be extracted from rare late-game equipment, scrap, or from severed pieces of endgame enemies. If you absolutely need these, search the Deathlands or the underground around level 20 or below, but even there they are not common.

Player can Wish for exactly named Scrap, but cannot with for Bits - use the list below (incomplete list)

  1. Scrap Power Systems (bright red): fried implant core, failed energy relay
  2. Scrap Crystals (bright green): cracked lens (scrapcrystal), shattered magnifying glass
  3. Scrap Metal (bright blue): folding chair, bent metal sheet (scrapmetal)
  4. Scrap Electronics (cyan): fractured microchip (scrapelectronics)
  5. Phasic Power Systems (dark red): failed energy relay (scrap 1)
  6. Flawless Crystals (dark green): destroyed cybernetics controller (medscrap2)
  7. Pure Alloys (dark blue): cracked robotics housing, fractured crysbone (medscrap3)
  8. Pristine Electronics (dark cyan): Powdered nanohulls (medscrap4)
  9. Nanomaterials (grey): depleted stem-generator (medscrap5)
  10. Photonics (yellow): Detuned Cortical Generator (medscrap6)
  11. AI Microcontrollers (white): Faulty Cell Detelerometer (medscrap7)
  12. Metacrystals (magenta): Low Quality Replacement Head (medscrap8)