"The craftsmanship of this pistol worked in chrome and brass is breathtaking -- grips of kingswood wrap your palm around themselves, the hammer is contoured to your thumb with infinitesimal precision, the eye of the barrel leers at your target. Twines of withered ivy are engraved along its frame and down its barrel stained with age and blood."

The Ruin of House Isner is a pistol that is found in a random location. The location can be deduced by reading randomly generated books that will sometimes tell you the coordinates of the chest that contains it. Certain factions such as Trolls can share the location of it during the Water Ritual.

Recall StoryEdit

The seven lords of House Isner feasted on boar gut and swilled wine from gilded cups in the ivy-strewn halls of their hold. They spared no concern for temperance, for the coffers of their house had swelled gardeners' gold amassed through the sale of water drawn from the lords' wells. But as the gluttonous barons counted seven amongst their clan, so had become numbered their days of debauchery when the son of a beggared gardener swore a vengeful oath in the name of his father against the house of Isner.

The penniless boy beseeched a gunsmith of great repute to craft for him a pistol of the most exquisite artistry with which he could be sure to vanquish the seven lords, and in return the boy promised the smith all the spoils of the battle. The smith, who in the hazel eyes of the boy beheld the spirit of vengeance, agreed.

And so the boy, armed with the masterwork pistol, cast open the doors of the Hall of Isner with a fury that shook their iron hinges and seized upon the supping lords. Before any of them had yet to set down their gilded cups, the boy unholstered the pistol and shot dead six of the sons of Isner. The last lord rejoised at his fortune and reached for his hip from where he would sling a pistol of his own at the spent boy. But as his crooked finger freed his holster's strap, the boy shot the lord as the smith had crafted for the boy a pistol with seven chambers and seven slugs. Such it was that on this day the house of Isner fell.

Location Hint Edit

The hint that points you to the Ruin of House Isner's location looks something like this: