This quest has been removed and replaced with The Earl of Omonporch

This Quest is obtained from Otho inside the Grit Gate town after completing the quest Decoding the Signal.

Quest SummaryEdit


Optional: Locate the Weapons Cache in the Tomb of the EatersEdit

Travel to the Tomb of the Eaters and locate the weapons cache near the Putus Templar city of Oudin.

Reward: 500XP

Travel to OmonporchEdit

Travel north to the Spindle at Omonporch

Reward: ???XP

Incinerate all Plant Life around the SpindleEdit

Burn every plant in sight to the ground.

Reward: 1000XP

Return to Grit GateEdit

Return to Grit Gate to report your success.

Reward: 5000XP


Despite being worded as if you are required to use fire, it is possible to use a grenade to set flames to some trees and just chop down the rest.

Also, you don't need to destroy ALL plant life, as the quest success trigger goes off when you hit enough - there will still be many plants in the map. (Possibly you only need to hit yonderbrushes.)

The bloody daccas (melee attack) and yonderbrushes (teleport to another tile in the same location) make it difficult, animals will also spawn.

Quest DialogEdit


Otho: "Come, Carwin. Barathrum and I discussed you at length. He needs you for an undertaking of great importance. You must journey to Omonporch far to the north. There the spindle stretches from earth to sky. Around it grow thousands of bananas and other plants in a great grove. You must burn these plants to the ground. Yes, you heard me rightly.

Torch every last one.

We know of a small weapons cache near the Putus Templar city of Oudin in the Tomb of the Eaters. You may plunder if first if you desire; you're likely to find something to help you set Omonporch ablaze."

Player: 1) "Who are the Putus Templar?"

Otho: "The Putus Templar, or the Sons of Man as they call themslves, are an order of knights who claim descendancy from the Eaters, the ancient men who wrought the chrome halls of Qud. Beware them, for while they despise all mutants, they harbor a special malice for Barathrum.

Take care that you do not find yourself inside one of their slave pens."

Player: 1) "What is the purpose of this?"

Otho: "That will be revealed to you in due time.

Do not forget your place, journeyman."

Player: 2) "I will punish each and every last plant in the name of Barathrum." [Accept Quest].


Otho: "Have you burned the dark garden of Omonporch to the ground?"

Player: 1) "I have cleared Omonporch of it's (sic) violent garden." [Complete Quest Step] [End]


Immediately after you speak to Otho, A Call To Arms quest will trigger, EMP bombs will set off nearby and about eight (neutral) Putus Templar Wardens will spawn.


  • 5000XP
  • New Quest available: A Call to Arms

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