Your wounds heal very quickly.

Increased hit point regeneration rate

Severed limbs regrow over time

Preliminary testing seems to indicate that this mutation gives you a flat bonus of ~.23hp/Turn (for reference vanilla regen with 16 Toughness/Willpower is .2hp/turn). Each level increases the regen by ~.04hp/Turn. These bonuses don't appear to scale with your toughness or willpower.


  • Better health regeneration.
  • Regrow limbs
  • Slightly reduced food/water consumption as auto-heal takes less time


  • High MP cost of 5.
  • Regenerating limbs takes quite a while (many in-game days)
  • Can make untreated Glotrot extremely annoying as your tongue will occasionally regrow, then bleed and rot again, constantly interrupting your attempts to travel and making you lose HP.
  • You rarely lose limbs, and there are other ways of regrowing them.
  • Health regeneration doesn't matter during a fight, as the vast majority enemies will deal more damage than you can regenerate, even with high level regeneration.
  • It's been noted by experienced players that this is a trap for new players. New players often pick this hoping for it to save them from dying.

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