Your wounds heal very quickly.

Increased hit point regeneration rate

Severed limbs regrow over time

Preliminary testing seems to indicate that this mutation gives you a flat bonus of ~.23hp/Turn (for reference vanilla regen with 16 Toughness/Willpower is .2hp/turn). Each level increases the regen by ~.04hp/Turn. These bonuses don't appear to scale with your toughness or willpower.


  • Better health regeneration.
  • Regrow limbs


  • High MP cost of 5. Very over priced.
  • Regenerating limbs takes quite a while (many in-game days)
  • Can make untreated Glotrot extremely annoying as your tongue will occasionally regrow, then bleed and rot again, constantly interrupting your attempts to travel and making you lose HP.
  • Not that good unless you're in a long fight. Note that most enemies can deal a lot of damage in one hit, so this mutation won't save you.
  • You rarely lose limbs, and there are other ways of regrowing them.
  • Health regeneration doesn't matter during a fight, as many enemies will deal higher damage than you can heal from even with high level regeneration. Using this mutation outside of a fight is useless as well, because you can just wait to be healed with or without the mutation.
  • It's been noted by experienced players that this is a trap for new players. New players often pick this hoping for it to save them from dying. This mutation is very overpriced, and can kill new players who expect it to be worth the mutation points. Actual worth of the mutation is about 2 mutation points.

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