Hundreds of needle-pointed quills cover your body.

May expel 10% of your quills in a burst around yourself

Regenerate quills every ten turns ( [Mutation Level]d4 quills)

Grants AV that increases with level. This bonus is reduced by half if below 50% quills

Creatures attacking you in melee may impale themselves on your quills*

Cannot wear armor

Lvl Quills Regen AV Damage
1 189 1d4 2|1 (->0 1d3)
2 +80-120 2d4 2|1 (->0 1d3)
3 +80-120 3d4 3|1 (->1 1d3)
4 +80-120 4d4 3|1 (->1 1d3)
5 +80-120 5d4 3|1 (->2 1d3)
6 +80-120 6d4 4|2 (->2 1d3)
7 +80-120 7d4 4|2  (->3 1d3)
8 +80-120 8d4 5|2 (->3 1d3)
9 +80-120 9d4 5|2 (->4 1d3)
10 989-1389 10d4 6|3 (->4 1d3)

  • (Needs More Testing: Creatures only proc quill damage if they succeed in their accuracy check.  Unsure if/how shields factor in)


  • Able to cast this mutation for as long as you have quills to expel
  • Can hit multiple enemies at once (hits every adjecent square)
  • Moderate AV bonus as long as you keep more than half your quills (6 AV with no DV Penalty isn't shabby)
  • Enemy melee creatures hurt themselves attacking you


  • Cannot wear armor

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