"A fluted armcannon of cobalt blue chrome."

NOTE: The Prosthetic Eigencannon Arm was removed in the Cybernetics Overhaul. It is no longer available in any form.

Skill: Bows and Rifles

Notes Edit

The Prosthetic Eigencannon Arm was removed when cybernetics were overhauled. When it was available, it behaved as follows:

Choosing it cut off the arm of your choosing and replaced it with cybernetic arm, which was permanently equiped with the eigencannon, which is identical to the eigenrifle (Note: prosthetic limbs are 75% less likely to be severed). You cannot wield or wear items on the eigencannon.

The weapon didn't need energy cells to function, giving it unlimited ammunition. It should be noted that you wouldn't be able to use two-handed weapons anymore (Melee and ranged), potentially reducing effectiveness against high AV opponents.

When firing the eigencannon, pistols in your remaining hand also fire. Since the Eigencannon itself uses the rifle skill, you will need to master both pistols and rifles to get full use out of this benefit.

You could also replace one of the helping hands arms with the cybernetic armcannon, if you wish to keep your own arms intact. But it also bugs it out so that removing the helping hands from your back does not remove the previous slots it gave leaving you permanently with the eigencannon arm and which ever arm you did not replace with the prosthetic. Wearing the helping hands again, gives you another pair of arm slots.

Only True Kin may have this.