Skill DescriptionEdit

Saves the game. If you die while it is active, it reverts you back to when you cast precognition. You may also revert at any time with the end precognition skill, or at the end of its duration.

Cooldown: 500 rounds

Duration between use and reversion: 16 rounds (+4 per mutation level)


Precognition is useful whenever you want to try something without permanent consequences. There are several good uses for this, such as:

  • Determining which shaft of Golgotha you should enter
  • Checking to see if you can actually kill any boss
  • Killing Mayor Nuntu to get the Corpus Choliys and determine the recipe for Glotrot without getting killed by Warden Indrix.
  • Re-rolling for success on random or semi-random events such as level generation, mutation manefestation or hitpoint gain on levels gained


Precognition has an abnormally large cooldown which does not decrease with mutation level. The only way to reduce it is via willpower.