"'He who dons the chrome mantle is as one with his Fathers.' Argent trestles spill forth from his scalp to his waist. Years of proximity to the baetyl have blanched his irises to a chrome hue. His glistening lips are parted. The priestly mantle of his station is embroided with a thousand stitches. In the grip of each of his sinewy hands are chrome-plated pistols -- bequeathments of the Argent Father who inhabits the Rock."

Notes Edit

The leader of the Mechanimists. Generally not that difficult to deal with even though he has Force Bubble and the ability to shoot through it with his overloaded laser pistols. It is relatively easy to separete him from his guards by moving to the choke points around the baetyl chamber.

He is able to shoot fast with his twin pistols, but that is not generally a problem as player character tends to have either high dodge value, armor value above 10 or just high health to tank those shots. But to an unprepared character it might still be very problematic.

You can entirely pass this fight if you have high enough reputation with the Mechanimist faction to the point that you are welcome to the holy places. Which simplifies this last floor substansially as it lets you go straight to the Baetyl and finish your quest without needing to fight anyone. Though you do miss out on equipment and experience this way.