You may phase through solid objects for a brief period of time.

Cooldown: 100 rounds

Duration: 7 rounds

Level Duration Cooldown
1 +7 100
2 +8 97
3 +9 94
4 +10 91
5 +11 88
6 +12 85
7 +13 82
8 +14 79
9 +15 76
10 +16 73


  • Can phase through terrain to run away from something, or to get at goodies in ruins
  • Enemies can't physically attack you, but you can still hit them


  • Costs 5 MP, but makes up for it in utility
  • Phasing back inside a solid object kills you instantly
  • If you phase out while next to an enemy, they will sometimes still be able to hit you on the following turn
  • If your quickness or movement speed are reduced (for instance, due to low temperatures or severed feet), you may burn through your phase duration faster than you realize and abruptly die when you unexpectedly phase back inside of something

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