"You stand not at the foot of a wintry knoll but beneath a mountain of muscle, swathed in blanched fur, that must be natural's crowning jewel. Cast from the mold of the great apes (or perhaps the exemplar from which those apes were molded), the living god differs only in that he bears not two but six arms, each of which might be the fleeced bole of an ancient yew. His fist are of proportions that suggest the might which hoary gods beat the mountains into shape when the earth was young. However, his aspect bears not a shred of that divine fury; he doesn't rage but instead sits in contemplation of eons."

Oboroqoru, Ape God












0 Acid Resist
79 Cold Resist
75 Electrical Resist
79 Heat Resist


Night Vision
Multiple Arms (1)
Thick Fur


Mighty Fists (24 4d4) x6

Notes Edit

He is extremely tough and impossible to kill in melee due to his high stats.

He also possess dual wielding skills and cudgel skills, which means that he can cause stuns and/or daze when he hits you and able to unleash a flurry of attacks which can instantly pulverize almost anyone.

The only reliable way to defeat him is to keep distance with running and using stun/stasis/flashbang/freeze grenades. Then just proceed to put him down with high PV missile weapons or explosives.

Upon death he drops Fist of the Ape God.

He is located in the Lair of Oboroqoru.

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