This quest is obtained from Zealot of the Six Day Stilt in Joppa.

Quest SummaryEdit


- Make a Pilgrimage to the Six Day Stilt Edit

Journey to the far northwest, through the Great Salt Desert, and visit the Mechanimist cathedral and the merchant bazaar.

Reward: 1500XP.

Walkthrough Edit

You have to make a long and possibly a dangerous journey to the top left corner of the map. Doing this quest early can quickly give you few level ups quite easily, though you should get some extra food and fresh water with you before you attempt at making this long journey. All you need to do once you arrive at The Six Day Stilt is to enter the location and you will have completed the quest.

Mutants with wings this quest can be done easily without much of an effort.

Dialog Edit

Start Edit

Talk to the Zealot of the Six Day Stilt to start the quest.

Zealot of the Six Day Stilt: "Wanderer! Oprhan of the Salt! Hear me! To the North and the West, through the Great Salt Desert, the Six Day Stilt splits the earth in two! Seek there the grandeur of Shekhinah, First among Fathers. Release yourself from the burden that Chrome bears on your sickly flesh."

Player: 1) "You intrigue me. I will make the journey and see the Six Day Stilt for myself."

Conclusion Edit

Once you arrive and enter the Six Day Stilt on the world map, the quest will automatically finish upon entering the Stiltgrounds, giving you the reward.

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