The Nomad is a fierce desert wanderer who safeguards water and life with equal effort.


  • =2 Toughness
  • Weathered
  • Wilderness Lore: Salt Pans
  • Harvestry
  • Mind's Compass

Starting EquipmentEdit

  • Recycling Suit
  • Desert Kris
  • ~15 Salthopper chips
  • ~30 Unburnt torches
  • 32 drams of water in a canteen

Strategy Edit

  • The Recycling Suit is the best starting armor available to any class. Not only does it have a high AV with no DV penalty, it also acts as a slowly-refilling water container while worn.
  • High Toughness, Weathered, and Harvestry make this an extremely survivable Calling.

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