You have an extra set of arms.

A small chance for each extra arm to deliver an additional melee attack whenever you make a melee attack.


The wording in the description implies that each extra arm has it's own chance to hit. This is supported by the fact that both arms rarely attack at once. If this is true than the chance at least one arm attacking is:

A=Arm Chance

1-(1-A)^2) + A^2

At all levels, this comes out as exactly twice the listed value.

This has been supported by preliminary testing. Further testing welcome.

Lvl Arm Chance Chance of at least one arm attacking
1 8% 16%
2 10% 20%
3 12% 24%
4 14% 28%
5 16% 32%
6 18% 36%
7 20% 40%
8 22% 44%
9 24% 48%
10 26% 52%


  • Extra damage is always nice!
  • Extra equipment slots
    • Note: only non-AV or DV modifiers apply when equipingn armor in secondary limb slots, such as increased heat/cold resistance or increased movement speed
  • Enables dual-wielding specialists to carry a light source and/or heavy shield without giving up a weapon
  • Equipping additional bucklers or shields will grant additional chances to block
  • Two-handed melee weapons can be wielded "one-handed" by grasping them in one primary and one secondary hand. This allows using a two-handed weapon and a heavy shield, or even dual-wielding two-handed weapons. To gain the dual-wielding bonus with two-handed weapons, each must be held by one of the primary hands. If the second weapon is only held by the second right hand and the second left hand then only the 8-26% multiple arms attack chance will be used. This can be forced by occupying the left or right hand before equipping your two-handed weapon.


  • Only a small percentage to activate
  • High MP cost
  • No AV or DV gain from equipping armor in secondary arm or hand slots
  • Despite not recieving additional AV bonuses for equipping multiple bucklers or shields, you will still receive their DV penalty, unlike when equipping additional armor in your secondary feet and hands slots

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