Mutation Level


Reflects up to 1 mental attack.


Reflects up to 2 mental attacks.


Reflects up to 3 mental attacks.


Reflects up to 4 mental attacks.


Reflects up to 5 mental attacks.


Reflects up to 6 mental attacks.


Reflects up to 7 mental attacks.


Reflects up to 8 mental attacks.


Reflects up to 9 mental attacks.


Reflects up to 10 mental attacks.

Mental mirror is a passive mental mutation that gives your mind a protective shield from psychic attacks. Every 50 turns this mutation will generate another layer of shielding until the number of layers matches its mutation level. When a hostile creature uses mental attacks, such as Confusion, or Sunder Mind, 1 layer of protection will be expended, and the attack will be returned to sender.

If two creatures with Mental mirror engage in psychic combat, the first attack will continue to bounce between them until one of them loses all layers of protection. Do note that mental mirror only protects against direct mental assault, and will not protect you from elemental damage, like from Pyrokinesis, physical damage like from Stunning Force, or light damage like from Lase. Interestingly,

Along with Confusion and Sunder Mind, it will also reflect Teleport Other back at whoever tries to use it on you.

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