Mechanical Wings








Ability to Fly

Sell Price


Profit Per Pound


"An elaborate, flap-powered contraption of rusted bronze and parasols."

Worn On: Back

Special Effect: Adds activated ability to "Fly" (when walking) and "Land" (when flying).

Miscellaneous: They can be found randomly in the swamps surrounding Joppa; you will be told that you've come across a flattened body when you're near them. This is the corpse of Argyve's Apprentice. They're always found broken, and must be repaired before they can be used, either with a Fix-It Spray Foam, or using the Repair skill. If you want to repair them with the skill, you'll have to identify them first (and won't be able to do so yourself, because broken things can't be identified manually.) Take them to a tinker like Argyve instead; he can identify it from his trade menu for you for a small price.

They behave like a low-leveled Wings mutation, including the drawback of having a fairly high chance of causing you to crash to the earth.

Although they are an artifact, they cannot be deconstructed, nor can you learn how to construct them.

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