"Mamon stands nearly a head taller than his kin and broader at the shoulders. Great tufts of blood-matted hair, some of which is braided, tassel out from his head and chin, and a tattered, crimson headdress hangs from one of his colossal horns. In loing swathes on his bare chest the fur is scorched and the skin flayed. He wears a sarong wrapped about his waist, its wool fibers sodden with a foul, inky liquid. His face is a vision of madness, at once the countenance of a rapturous crone and a child in fright."

Mamon Souldrinker




229 (Can vary depending on mutations)


4 (Base, can vary depending on equipment and mutations)


10 (Base, can vary depending on equipment and mutations)




Base 0 in all resistances. May vary on equipments and mutations.


Night Vision, Syphon Vim (Random level) and two random mutations




Children of Mamon


Mamon is the target for the quest Raising Indrix.

Mamon is much harder than his level suggests. Unless you know what you're doing, avoid him until at least level 20.

When Indrix gives you the quest he warns you to stay out of Mamon's reach, presumably meaning melee range.

Mamon can apply a lifedrain effect. Changing screens seems to remove this effect, so if you're fleeing make sure you aim for a screen edge (just make sure he's not so close behind that he reapplies in 2 rounds later!)

Mamon also has another, random mental mutation that he will use. His high level and massive ego boost from the Amaranthine Prism makes these mutations rather dangerous. It is even possible for him to have Temporal Fugue; he can and will exploit this to simultaneously afflict you with multiple instances of life drain, inflicting a nightmarish amount of damage and almost certainly killing you. Avoid engaging him without a good stockpile of salve injectors on hand!

Interestingly, Mamon's relatively low level makes him an easy target for early beguiling (level 3-4 should to the trick), and his high stats make him an extremely powerful follower early on. However, beguiling him can be difficult as this requires you to close into melee range, which makes you susceptible to his life drain. The best way to beguile him without dying immediately is to either teleport to the edge of the screen and then move to a different screen, thus removing the life drain effect, or you can wait for him to approach you and then beguile him before he can cast his life drain, or you can sacrifice one of your previous followers to his lifedrain and then safely approach him to beguile him. However, Mamon may spontaneously drop dead at some point in the future, likely due to the Prism's effect bringing his Willpower to 0.