Lurking Beth








Hurts when steped on (2d10+5)


Causes Bleeding (1d4)

"Spiny mineral nodules camouflaged against marble and chrome."

A very dangerous plant living inside the caverns of Bethesda Susa. Living up to its name, the Lurking Beth is initially hidden, unless detected by active searching or stepped on, in a way similar to the Young Ivory. May also be noticed by accident, when walking right next to it. Stepping on one can cause a massive initial damage, from which neither Dodge nor Armor values protect.

Unlike Ivory, Beth grows in clumps of between 1 and 6 separate plants, blocking passage in smaller rooms and narrower corridors, on occasion.


It is best to proceed slowly, while in Bethesda, and repeatedly move back and forth over known clear ground (to search, which only occurs upon movement) in order to avoid suffering the damage it may cause. Using the force attack command (Ctrl + direction) on an empty square before walking into it can also advise you of any Lurking Beth in the square before entering.

Due to the fact that the Beth plants do not need any attack rolls in order to cause damage, a field of this plant may be used to quickly dispatch of highly armored enemies, such as Cragmensch living in the same areas. Two or three steps through a field of Lurking Beth is usually enough to greatly weaken or often kill any of them.

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