"A luminous toadstool coated in hoarfrost.

Duration: 180-220 rounds.

You cast light in radius 2.

For the first 5 rounds after imbibing, you gain 0.6 hit points per level (minimum 3) each round.

+20 cold resistance

You cannot be poisoned.

This item is a tonic. Applying one tonic while still under the effects of another may produce undesired results.

Adds cold-based or fungus-based effects to cooked meals."

Luminous Hoarshrooms can be used as either a tonic or a cooking ingredient. They are categorized under Food in the inventory. Each individual Luminous Hoarshroom can provide 8 servings for purposes of cooking before it is consumed.

This item can be harvested using the Harvestry skill from Luminous Hoarshrooms, which grow near Bethesda Susa. Being infected with glowcrust will allow the player to grow their own hoarshrooms.