love injector <A1>

You feel unusually amorous for about half a day, during which time you'll fall in love with the first thing you look at.
If you inject someone else, they'll fall in love with you and follow you around for 3000-3600 rounds. There's a 4% failure rate for every level higher are than you.

This item is a tonic. Applying one tonic while under the effect of another may produce undesired results.

Weight: 0 lbs.

Injecting yourself and using the look command on any creature causes the player character to become lovesick, including looking at yourself.

Equipping the injector in a hand and attacking in melee can apply the lovesick effect to enemies, if it penetrates at least once. Lovesick will turn them into friendly companions while it lasts (allowing for water ritual). Robots are unaffected.

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