The village of Kyakukya in Caves of Qud

Kyakukya is a village in the south western jungles of Qud. It is most likely the second town you will visit on your journies throughout Qud.

Notable CharactersEdit

Mayor Nuntu - Found in the large mushroom just west of the center of the village.

Yurl - Found in the north west part of town inside the fenced off area. He is the main trader in town.

Warden Indrix - The Warden wanders around, but you can usually find him in the middle of the village to the west of the copse of trees. He is also found skulking about the north eastern section of Yurl's farm as shown in the picture. This NPC gives the quest Raising Indrix.

Svenlainard - You can find him inside the copse of trees in the middle of the town.


There are two pools of fresh water in the center of the map. The right pool contains three tiles with around 50 drams of water apiece, while the left pool contains three tiles with over 10 drams of water apiece.

Try not to lead any hostile enemies back to the town. This can lead to Yurl summoning various plantlife around town. This causes a mess of things and can turn villagers against each other.

On the other hand, this can be beneficial. If Mayor Nuntu dies, he will drop the Corpus Choliys, saving you the water required to purchase it. If Svenlainard dies, you gain access to both Polluxus and Caslainard, as well as his other items.

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