Rangers and scientists who have learned to survive in Ekuemekiyye's deadly toxic jungles. A particularly useful caste for wiki-editors, as it begins with the Bio-Scanning Bracelet.


Starting EquipmentEdit

Strategy Edit

  • You should harvest plants as often as possible, to have a secondary income of food. the Watervine Farmers of Joppa are fine with you harvesting some of their watervine for vinewafers.
  • The vinereaper should last you a decent amount of time in the early game, but be on the lookout for superior weaponry as early as possible.
  • Your Gas Mask is invaluable if you plan to use Poison Gas Grenades or Sleep Gas Grenades, and it also provides a little protection.
  • Use Axes often in the early game. You start off quite skilled with them.
  • The Bio-Scanning Bracelet will let you know how much damage you have done to a foe, and whether it's time to sprint away or not!

Trivia Edit

A Horticulturist is someone who grows plants for decorative purposes, rather than for food, as an agriculturist would.