Horns jut out of your head.

20% chance on melee attack to gore your opponent

Goring attacks may cause bleeding

Cannot wear helmets

Lvl AV Damage
1 +0 2d3
2 +0 2d4
3 +1 2d4
4 +1 2d5
5 +1 2d5
6 +1 2d6
7 +2 2d6
8 +2 2d7
9 +2 2d7
10 +2 2d8


  • Has strength cap of 100, working well with high strength
  • Has high base penetration
  • Gives armor
  • Decent damage
  • Seems to hit more often with charge (confirmation needed)
  • Functions as a weak shield for blocking


  • Cannot wear helmets

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