Helping Hands








Two extra arms.

"This pair of prosthetic hands are attached to the ends of two telescoping, multi-jointed chrome rods which fasten into a thin plastic case designed to be worn on the back."

Worn On: Back

Notes Edit

Helping Hands is an artifact that provides the wearer with four new equipment slots (much like the Multiple Arms mutation): Left Robo-Arm, Left Robo-Hand, Right Robo-Arm, and Right Robo-Hand.

Each robo-hand attacks only 8% of the time, and they are not affected by passive dual-wielding skills (or by Jab, in the case of short blades). However, they will attack when using the Flurry skill.

Unequiping helping hands will cause any items equipped to the extra hands and arms to be dropped in the square you occupy.

Helping Hands have a strength score of 23, which is used in place of your own for anything involving them. [1]

  1. See here.

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