Gunslingers augment good Pistol skills with an Agility bonus.


  • +2 Agility
  • Steady Hands (Pistol)
  • Weak Spotter
  • +200 reputation with Mysterious Strangers

Starting EquipmentEdit

  • Woven Tunic
  • Borderlands revolver x2 - Lead slug x60
  • Bear Jerky x~9
  • Unburnt torch x~20
  • 32 drams of water

Strategy Edit

  • Gunslingers have powerful starting weaponry and can charge off in search of Snapjaws right off the bat.
  • Players who choose the Gunslinger over the Arconaut (the other Agi-boosting Calling) will probably be tempted to emphasize Pistol skills over all else, but consider branching into at least one other combat skill for when you inevitably run out of ammo.