"A massive tortoise, the great saltback are the domesticated desert-ship of the dromad caravans"


Typically found traveling with a Dromad Trader, and are hostile to whoever the trader is. Killing the trader and returning to the area will cause them to use their own default reputation with the player.

Very tough to kill and can easily kill unprepared players with its stomp. Easy ways to kill it is the usual freeze grenade and ton of explosives in form of grenades, sower's seeds or boomrose arrows or sundering their mind repeatedly while running away. Dismembering them can also deprive them of their powerful Great Stomp attack.

If the Saltbacks are neutral with the player, it is possible to build a campfire next to them and swap places by moving towards their location. Leaving them on the fire place will cause them to take damage without becoming hostile. No experience is awarded if the campfire completely kills an enemy.

On death they have a 90% chance to drop a Great Saltback Corpse worth 3000 drams of water (10 ego). It's advised to use a recoiler for this, as the corpse weighs 40,000 lbs.