Golgotha is located north of Grit Gate and is an important location for the quest More Than a Willing Spirit
Golgotha on world map

Warning: Golgotha is very dangerous compared to the areas preceding it. It's easy to lose a level 14+ character in the tarnished chrome depths.

The only way to enter Golgotha at first is to drop down one of the Slimy Shafts on the surface into the Trash Chutes.

Once inside, prepare for a crazy dungeon unlike any you've likely encountered in a Roguelike! 

Depth and ConnectionsEdit

Golgotha is 15 levels deep, though only the top 5 are needed for More Than a Willing Spirit. The top four are Garbage Chutes, the fifth is The Cloaca. The trip down is one-way, but you can find means to ascend back to the surface in the Cloaca.

Below that await the Fetid Pools, and then... not sure!


There are four entrances to Golgotha; four garbage chutes, each with a different hazard. One has acid and poisonous gas, one has electric traps, one has crab spawners, and one has fire traps. The fire traps are likely the safest path for most characters as they are easiest to avoid, while the crab path is absolutely notorious for slaughtering inexperienced players, but any path is viable with appropriate resistances or abilities. Don't linger in the garbage chutes. Hurry down.

As Golgotha is essentially a hazardous waste facility, it is important to prepare for diseases and poisons before venturing in. Poison Resist is important as a preventative measure; finding a copy of the Corpus Choliys and the cures described therein is necessary to cure diseases afterwards. Note that some diseases are easier to cure when they have not progressed far, so having the cures on hand before contracting them is a good idea. Traveling through Golgotha means you are likely to contract Glotrot, from either the Sewage Eels or Slog, and Glow-Wight Cultists have been observed carrying Ironshank.

Golgotha is a gold mine for characters with Scavenger - though given the dangers, it usually isn't worth hanging around to search the rubbish for a few measly bits!

The various sludges are somewhat safe to travel through when no dry path is available. They are full of Sewage Eels, which can cause you to randomly slip and fall, which subjects you to effects of the liquid(s) you're standing on. Black Ooze may infect you with a disease, Green Goo causes Poison status, Brown Sludge causes items to rust.

All types of ooze can be swiftly cleared away with explosives and incendiary attacks. A Flamethrower or a collection of appropriate grenades can be enormously helpful for clearing a path through the Cloaca.

If you get into real trouble, Don't forget you have a Recoiler!


Trash Chutes and Cloaca