A very unfortunate illness to have if you have not prepared to deal with it in advance.


It's important to remember that Glotrot isn't that big of a deal. It's not a character-ruiner and you don't need to drop everything to cure it. Sooner or later you need to find a cure so you can progress the main quest, but your character will be otherwise fully capable.

Yuckwheat Stem and Honey can increase your "saves" against the disease, but will not provide guaranteed protection, and cannot cure it after it manifests. If your tongue falls out, regeneration can grow it back, however if you haven't cured your Glotrot it will just fall out again.

Once the disease progresses, a cure exists, but it is complicate to make and the ingredients are random each game. The remedy in your game is described in the book Corpus Choliys, sold by Mayor Nuntu in Kyakukya. Although the ingredients are randomized in each game, they will always be 3 kinds of liquids in different proportions, mixed together in a canteen which then has to be set aflame. The cure needs to be drunk while the container is still flaming. The easiest way to set the canteen aflame, is to drop it on a burning campfire and wait several turns for it to catch the flames.

Note that once your tongue rots away, the price of Corpus Choliys will be greatly increased, so purchasing the book before entering Golgotha is recommended.


Note that the disease takes "about one week" to manifest. Usually it shows up a while after leaving Golgotha. Therefore it might be wise to take precautions before entering the dungeon, and immediately after leaving, Golgotha. Bring Yuckwheat Stem and eat it after you return to the surface, or drink Honey if you have some. Purchase Corpus Choliys before your mouth is spewing blood, prepare the ingredients for the cure, and leave them at Grit Gate. Most importantly: Wear poison resist while in Golgotha.

Qud is a dangerous land, preparation never hurts.


The disease has following symptoms:

  • the tongue is ruptured when eating
  • the tongue is ruptured when drinking

The bleeding stops after some time or can be stopped by using bandages. After several thousand turns the tongue rots and character cannot speak.

When tongue is rotten trading prices are 2x times higher and selling price is 2x lower. After it falls out, prices stay high and the character cannot say anything except "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn." rendering dialog impossible (though they can still purchase items from vendors).


It can be contracted in Golgotha via Slog's poison. This is the most confirmed method of contracting Glotrot. If Slog poisons you, a week later you'll almost certainly contract the disease.

It may have a chance of occurring when you "the slime splashes up into your mouth" in the Cloaca in Golgotha. Avoiding Eel ambushes will greatly decrease chances of contraction.

The book Corpus Choliys says: "I place the disease's origin within the cavern of Golgotha where victims most likely contracted it from the putrid spawn of Agolgut."


If a beguiled/proselytized companion contracts Glotrot, you will receive messages about the disease's progress as if your main character had it.

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