These jungles are filled with fungi, sludges and lichens that secrete honey, lava, acid, wine, cider, gel, asphalt, oil, salt, Slime and Fresh Water. There are also rivers of primordial soup that, if mixed with large quantities with other liquids, will turn into Sludge creatures.

Initially, the area is devoid of creatures, but if left uncontrolled, any area of sufficient quantity of primordial soup that crosses the field of liquid produced by the lichens (or poured on the soup) will soon start spawning hordes of sludges.

Sludges Edit

Sludges are tough oozes with liquid "flavors" dependent on the liquid that crossed the primordial soup river. Their slow movement speed makes them easy to run from, but each of the sludges can fling a glob of own substance, which deals some damage and splashes into roughly 3x3 square of said substance.

Sludges that walk over substances which they do not contain yet will "evolve" into disludges and then trisludges, which greatly increases their stats and gives them more attacks. Even benign substances like water and honey can become incredibly dangerous that way.

Flora and Fauna Edit