Fuming God-Children are priests or shamans who breathe in steam from the vents near their home in order to experience prophetic visions. This gives them strong mental defenses and high willpower.

They also start with the unique Billowing Conch of the Aji, which cannot be obtained in any way; roughly every 100 turns, this can be used to produce a cloud of random gasses emanating from your position over the next several turns.


Starting EquipmentEdit


  • The Billowing Conch of the Aji is fairly powerful (comparable to a high-level gas generation mutation, although with a longer cooldown.) However, you are not immune to the gas it produces, so it is vital to get a Vinewood Sap Mask, or, better yet, a Gas Mask. Some of the skills in the Endurance and Willpower tree can also help protect you from its effects. While the conch is a cudgel, note that you do not have to use it as your primary weapon to take advantage of its abilities; it can be placed in your off-hand, or even in your thrown slot.

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