Flune-Flier of the Sky-Bear
Song Of The Sky-bear
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You may activate this item to enter a dashing state. While dashing, whenever you move in a direction, you dash toward the nearest enemy of obstacle and perform an attack. For every three spaces you dash, you gain a +2 bonus to hit and a +2 penetration bonus to attacks you make. If you do not encounter an enemy or obstacle after twenty squares, you stop dashing.

Duration: 10 rounds Cooldown: 100 rounds

+1 Ego

The Flume-Flier of the Sky-Bear is an artifact found on Saad Amus The Sky-Bear, and is dropped on his death. It grants access to the Activate Flume-Flier ability, which allows the user to dash at a high speed and attack with increased penetration while dashing. It also increases ego.

Recall StoryEdit

Whilom, when Salum was the long of Qud,

Ther was highte Amus-an a sturdy Saad;

Of Caiafas was he lord magistrate,

Swich skilful arms dide earn him that estaat;

What with his wysdom and his hardynesse,

He conquered al the regne of Aldersesse;

And thurgh the eyr dashed undernethe his shroud,

And rafte the heddes of all thoos byg and proud;

And when the Coven quod by oon assent,

That starry Ptoh shal been to prison sente,

He leden all the wei and shette the dore,

While skerren men dide quake behinde his foore;

So buryen nought the Beren in a tumbe,

But fresen now to interrupt his dome;

And oon day resurrect to fighte agayn,

And maken sones of Salum all full fayn.