You emit jets of flame from your hands.

Emits a 9-square ray of flame in the direction of your choice

Cooldown: 10 rounds

Damage: 1d4+1

Cannot wear gloves


  • High damage potential against multiple opponents
  • Can cause enemies to set on fire for additional damage
  • Short Cooldown to use it again!
  • Water + Fire = Steam: High damaging cloud that lingers around like poison/acid gas
  • Melee attacks passively heat enemies up with each hit, possibly causing them to burst into flames


  • Can and will set items and corpses on fire
  • You can kill yourself on steam you make, especially if you are underground and get trapped
  • Cannot wear gloves
  • This attack seems to be single target, not at all like the flamethrower - it will not pass through the selected target, only through any creatures on the way to the targeted tile

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