Coq flamethrower




Raises temperature to set enemies and enviroment on fire.



Ammo Capacity

32 Drams



"Flame-throwing apparatus."

Skill: Heavy Weapons

Worn on: Both missile weapons slots and back.

Notes Edit

The flamethrower is a heavy weapon that fires massive gouts of flame. It can be crafted via tinkering and requires oil as ammunition.

Oil can be purchased from explosives merchants (not from gun merchants) in the Six Day Stilt. Additionally, you can find oil near there in the Asphalt Mines, which is in the upper-left corner of the world map, at the very top edge, near the salt dunes. Oil is scattered around its levels in small pools of about 40-60 drams each, so make sure to have several spare containers. When you found an oil pool, move into the tile and press ‘g’ (‘get’) to collect oil.

When utilized at close range, this weapon inflicts extreme damage and will rapidly annihilate virtually any enemy. It appears to ignore AV due to dealing purely fire-based damage, and the wave of flame it projects seems to be made up of many smaller projectiles, similar to a tightly-focused shotgun blast. There are two main downsides to this incredibly powerful implement of destruction: first, it also occupies the back slot while wielded (because the character must wear a fuel tank to feed the weapon), and second, reloading it is a time-consuming and finicky affair, requiring that the flamethrower be unequipped, then manually filled with oil from a fluid container, then re-equipped.

The fire launched by the flamethrower expands in a cone, so be mindful of collateral damage.

Due to it being able to ignore AV and DV, wide range of fire, and essentially infinite ammunition the flamethrower currently is the most powerful ranged weapon in the game.

A guaranteed flamethrower can be found somewhere in the Tomb of the Eaters.

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