This quest is obtained from Argyve in Joppa. He can be found in the southwestern building.

Quest SummaryEdit


Find a KnickknackEdit

Any Artifact serves this purpose. You'll most likely already have one in your inventory, so heading to the Rust Wells might not be necessary. It's still worthwhile for the extra items though.

Return to ArgyveEdit

Quest DialogEdit


Talk to Argyve to start the quest.

Player: 1)"..."

Argyve: "*mumbling* ... Unexpected deviation from the Klanq constant.

Player: *clears throat loudly*

Argyve: "Must you disturb me? What are you, some sort or treasure hunter? At the very least make yourself useful and bring a knickknack from one of the caves. I may reward you."

Player: 1)"Where can I find such a cave?"

Argyve: "There are caves everywhere, you dolt! This is Qud! Try the Rust Wells, just east of here."

Player: 1)"I will return with your knickknack [Accept quest]"


Player: "Here is your Knickknack." [Give Artifact]


  • 75 XP

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