PV Max




Ammo Type

Energy Cells

Energy Consumption

50 Charges / per shot




Creates light when powered

"A humming curve of metal, a dim beam of light connects the endpoints of the crescent. When fingers are drawn through the beam, a blazing arrow of energy springs from the weapon."

Skill: Bows and Rifles


While equipped and loaded with an energy cell, casts light in a radius of 8 spaces.

This illumination does not consume any power (as long as you don't fire it), so if you have no particular intention of focusing on ranged weaponry, an Electrobow makes an excellent way to get a light source while keeping your hands and floating slot free.

The Electrobow is also exceptionally accurate, making it a useful option for picking off annoyingly evasive enemies. Its penetration value is quite good as well; if you don't mind its modest damage and can maintain a supply of charged cells, it makes a very respectable all-purpose ranged weapon.

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